Silverlite X-twin / AeroAce Stats:

Base Components:
-Fuselage: EPP           -Tail Boom: Plastic
-Wingspan: 22cm
-AUW: 18g
-Freq: 27Mhz, 3 channels (A,B,C)
-Antenna Length: 6inches
-Battery: 130ma single cell Lipo
-Props: 1 3/4" diam (45mm), counter rotating
  -thrust 8-10g 
  -5.3 ohm 6mm coreless
  -390mA draw per motor -14,500 rpm
  -6-10 ohm motor possible replacement

Stock weight:
-Biplane:             19.68g
-Monoplane:        17.02g

Component Weight Breakdown:
-Fuselage pod:      1.4g
-Wing:                    3.42g
-Tailboom assy      1.8g
-Stab/rudder          0.71g
-Lipo Cell:               3.8g
-Motor with leads and prop: 1.83g
-Motor mounts:       0.42g
-Receiver including antenna but w/o charging socket and switch: 1.35g

-Weight of motors, battery and electronics: 10g


Inside View

AeroAce Opened Up