AeroSoar Stats:

Base Components:
-Fuselage: EPP
-Wingspan: 22cm
-AUW: 3.6g
-Freq: IR, 2 channels   -"Red" band (used with White, Yellow and Red planes)
  -"Blue" band (used with Black, Green and Blue planes)
-Antenna Length: N/A
-Actuator Coil: 10 ohms
-Battery: Discharge Capacitor
-Prop: 2.5" diam
-Gear Reduction: 53t spur, 8t pinion
  -thrust 2g (can support about 4g total weight)
  -18 ohm 4x8mm coreless
-Power deliverd by B9D PNP Transistor (IRLML6401 Mosfet is replacement)

Stock weight:

Component Weight Breakdown:
-Fuselage:      1g
-Actuator: .2g
-Motor/gear/prop: 1.0g
-Motor mounts:       0.42g
-Receiver: .3g


Inside View

Aero Soarer Opened Up