Nico Hobbies Mini F-15

28. June 2009 Reviews 2 Comments

Summer starts off with a “bang” this year as Nico Hobbies Mini F-15 hits the Toolbox Reviews section! This kit is available from Nico Hobbies (, either in “kit” form or perhaps by the time this review hits in combo form (all hardware/servos/etc except an Rx). Here are the specifications:
Wingspan: 18 inches
Length: 29 inches
Control System: […]

The E-flite Blade mCX

03. March 2009 Reviews 0 Comments

The Blade MCX is one of the latest helis from E-flite. It is a “micro” version of the popular CX heli. The version being reviewed is the “Bind and Fly” package, which does not come with a transmitter. You can also purchase a version of the Blade MCX with a transmitter. The heli itself is […]

Stronger Batteries for The mCX

03. March 2009 Reviews 2 Comments

The Blade MCX is one of the nicest micro helis from E-flite. However the stock battery which comes with the MCX only provides about 6 minutes of flight time. A number of vendors have started to provide aftermarket batteries, which offer higher capacities which may just do the trick. But how do they stack up? […]

MIA MD500 E Body Kit For The mCX

03. March 2009 Reviews 3 Comments

The E-flite Blade MCX is an excellent heli, and with its modular design, it was only a mater of time before hardware modification and upgrade kits showed up. One such kit is offered by MIA Micro-flight ( ). Micro-flight has put together a replacement body and landing gear kit to give your MCX a scale […]

The Silverlit Atlas

30. October 2008 Reviews 2 Comments

Silverlit has long been asked to release a 3 channel heli. The Atlas is the answer to many consumer requests for just that. Just like its predecessor, the PicooZ, the Atlas is micro in size, and finely detailed. But can it surpass the easy to fly PicooZ? Let’s take a look….
Length: 170mm
Main Rotor: 130mm
Tail Rotor: […]

The Apache-X

26. September 2008 Reviews 0 Comments

With Fall approaching, what better way to start the indoor season than to take a look at one of the latest craft from X-Hobby, the Apache-X. The Apache-X is a 4 channel full function RTF helicopter. This unit could be considered a replacement for the older “G2” Apache heli, which looks very similar to it.
Length: […]

Let’s go for a “Twirl”!

14. August 2008 Reviews, Build Log 3 Comments

The Twirl is a twin autogyro design by Al Foot. The kit being reviewed is the ARF version from If you have ever wanted to dive into the world of autogyro’s, this might be the model for you. Here are the specifications:
Wingspan: 30 inches, measured from rotor tip to tip
Length: 26 inches
Weight: 7 ounces, […]

The CAP 232

09. August 2008 Reviews, Build Log 0 Comments

The CAP232 is one of two 3D models available from LazertoyZ ( There have been various version of the CAP over the years, and for the price this may be a good 3D starter plane for you. Here are the specifications:
Wingspan: 180mm
Length: 210mm
Control System: Four channel minimum required: Elevator/Aileron/Rudder/Throttle
Required to Fly:-(1) 1200 KV out runner […]

The 735 Set Heli

08. August 2008 Reviews 5 Comments

Among all the mods, tips and other emails showing up at the Toolbox, an email popped in that grabbed my attention about a cool little heli called the 735 set. This heli has counter rotating rotors, and tail rotor giving you full forward and reverse control. So a 735 flew over to the Toolbox (sorry […]